It’s not every day that you can train-hop between five villages in less than six hours. Such is the appeal of Cinque Terre, located along Italy’s northeastern coast. Each village has its own colorful charm, either tucked away high on cliffs or down near the beach. Our favorite was the middle one, the secluded, Read More

Some cities are distinctly unique. One of a kind. Just not another like it in the world. Venice falls under that category. Perhaps, it’s the history. The architecture. The lack of cars. The enclosed spaces. The hundreds of bridges spanning the many interlacing canals. The labyrinth of alleyways where tourists can be seen doing, Read More

The sight of white-capped mountains always brings about a sense of wonderment in me. As a species that looks up and beyond, there’s just something about staring off into nature’s vastness that puts our small lives into perspective. What are bills and everyday stresses compared to nature’s rugged towers or the pale thin line, Read More

This trip through Europe has coincided with my age. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve given up the night for the morning. Just the thought of staying out past midnight in a loud, raucous bar makes me cringe. Seeing a group of noisy teens or twenty-somethings and my first instinct is, Read More