If you want to time travel, go to Italy where the past stares back at you pretty much everywhere. You can read about history in a book, but nothing beats seeing it firsthand, in person. Pompeii, a living, breathing museum where you can walk the cobbled steps between crumbling ruins and stare up at, Read More

Opportunity costs, the one term, besides supply and demand, that stuck with me the most from my economics classes. The gist; for everything gained, there is something lost. Opportunity costs exist everywhere, in everything we do. Take, traveling offseason. The perks: smaller crowds, cheaper accommodations. The downside: not everything is open.

It’s not every day that you can train-hop between five villages in less than six hours. Such is the appeal of Cinque Terre, located along Italy’s northeastern coast. Each village has its own colorful charm, either tucked away high on cliffs or down near the beach. Our favorite was the middle one, the secluded, Read More

Some cities are distinctly unique. One of a kind. Just not another like it in the world. Venice falls under that category. Perhaps, it’s the history. The architecture. The lack of cars. The enclosed spaces. The hundreds of bridges spanning the many interlacing canals. The labyrinth of alleyways where tourists can be seen doing, Read More

The sight of white-capped mountains always brings about a sense of wonderment in me. As a species that looks up and beyond, there’s just something about staring off into nature’s vastness that puts our small lives into perspective. What are bills and everyday stresses compared to nature’s rugged towers or the pale thin line, Read More

This trip through Europe has coincided with my age. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve given up the night for the morning. Just the thought of staying out past midnight in a loud, raucous bar makes me cringe. Seeing a group of noisy teens or twenty-somethings and my first instinct is, Read More

Have you ever not seen a friend for so long that when you finally reconnect in person it’s like meeting for the first time? That sensation disappears mere minutes after getting reacquainted. Then the conversation just flows as it always did and you fall back into your old selves. In my years of traveling,, Read More

Look past the glitz, name-brand stores, million-dollar yachts, luxurious homes, and you’ll find something uniquely charming about the South of France. Perhaps it’s the salty Mediterranean air, the white-sand beaches, the southern tip of the Alps jutting in the background or the food, equal parts Italian and French cuisine.

There are somethings that Europe just gets right. Things that couldn’t happen anywhere else. Take, Granada, Spain, for instance, where every drink comes with a complimentary tapa (small plate). You know you’re in a good place when both young and old sit side by side. When waiters dressed in suits slam drinks down and, Read More

Deciding what to do and what to see can be daunting at times. There’s too much information. Too many opinions. The internet turns everyone into a critic. But who to believe? One person’s gold is another’s trash. A 5-star can feel more like a 3. But despite all the new technological advances, I still, Read More