Giving up the Night

This trip through Europe has coincided with my age. I’m at a point in my life where I’ve given up the night for the morning. Just the thought of staying out past midnight in a loud, raucous bar makes me cringe. Seeing a group of noisy teens or twenty-somethings and my first instinct is to run the other way. Large crowds, no thanks, I prefer quiet solitude. There used to be a time when staying out to two or three in the morning was the norm. Those days are gone. I like being in bed, curled up with a book, by nine or ten the latest. I’ve had the night, it was fun. The young can keep it. Now I have the mornings. 5 or 6 am, that’s my happy place. With a hot cup of coffee and a laptop in front of me, I’m at my most productive and creative. And the best part, when I’m finished with my writing, I still have the whole day ahead of me.


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