Suitcase. Backpack. Laptop bag. That’s it. Three bags, in them goes everything I’ll need for a year, covering all seasons. As a minimalist, I find comfort in having my things broken down to simple necessity. Here’s a breakdown. Clothes: Two pairs of shoes (running/all-purpose &Vans). Flip flops. Jacket. Hoodie. Gloves. Winter hat. Scarf. Six, Read More

My first theater experience was, in a word, incredible. Come from Away is one of those entertaining shows that pulls no punch and hits on all emotional levels, mixing sadness and joy so effortlessly that you can’t tell if your tears are from laughing or crying. For those of you not familiar, Come from, Read More

Summer, as it always does, flies. This has been a busy one, equally divided between three countries (the past, present, and future all tangled into one). Goodbyes in Qatar, followed by hellos in Canada, and, of course, a return trip home to Michigan. New experiences mixed with old. Toronto. Lindsay. Ottawa. Haliburton. Algonquin Provincial, Read More

You know that feeling you get when you’re about twenty pages into a book and you’re finally all in, committed to the story, the characters, and where it’s going. Life is like that too, especially when you move to a new place. At first, it’s strange. Unknown. Exciting. A little scary, which only fuels, Read More

What I love most about England, and Europe as a whole, is how effortlessly it blends the new with the old. Nothing depresses me more than the modern-day, mall-sized sprawl, where they paved paradise to put up a parking lot, and nothing lifts me more than to walk down a cobbled street or quiet, Read More

Sometimes you travel alone, sometimes you travel with company. My mom has read and heard about my travels for many years now. This time she got to experience it herself. In London and the Lake District, we got to retrace some of the steps of my last visit (with my 96-year-old grandfather who hadn’t, Read More

Everyone should go to Nepal at least once in their lifetime. The natural beauty will inspire you. The rampant poverty will humble you. The friendly, welcoming people will soften your hard edges. And the crowded, polluted streets of Kathmandu will give you pause. You can’t go there and feel nothing. Most venture to Nepal, Read More

You don’t have to be religious to be awed by places of worship. The closest thing I have to religion is art. All it requires is an appreciation for anything beautiful. Like, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, a marvel of architecture and design. Creativity is after all, humanity’s ambitious attempt to reach the, Read More

We see things in black and white, winning and losing. But there’s a third option most don’t consider. Walking away, leaving the game unfinished, and starting over. There’s no losing in giving up the fight or finding a new beginning. Only peace and serenity. Sometimes, hitting reset and returning back to zero, life’s humbling, Read More

When you write something down, you own it. You give it life. It exists. Resides in the real world, no longer the imaginary. Moments come at you and you need to have your net ready to capture them. Your mind free to sense them. Your heart open to feel them. Your hands steady to, Read More