Schlick 2000 (17)

My life is not always as laid-back as it seems, but if it’s important to me, I’ll find a way. When I fall, I get back up. Learn from my mistakes and defeats. Make adjustments. Embrace the growth mindset. The universe always meddles or interferes, that’s just adversity, but it’s also there to help, Read More

Innsbruck (9)

I love a good stormy day. One that interrupts the daily, forcing you to be still and stare out the window and appreciate Mother Nature. It’s a call to do absolutely nothing, a nice reminder of just how small and insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things. We live in a world, Read More

Wonchi Crater (5)

My favorite countries are the ones I didn’t plan on visiting. That I didn’t see coming. That took me by surprise. Sometimes, life’s greatest beauties are the ones that sneak up on you. That were always there, but needed the right circumstances or little nudge to get your heart’s attention. They are everywhere, waiting, Read More

Summer 2018 (28)

Home used to be a place to avoid. Now, it’s a place to return. For the longest time I thought why waste money on a plane ticket to somewhere I’ve spent most my life when I could go somewhere new and fascinating. The thing with getting older, it changes you. You spend your earlier, Read More

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

People often ask how I afford my lifestyle. It’s not a matter of affording, but rather prioritizing. What works for me is that I’m a minimalist. I don’t own anything. No property. No house. No furniture. Not even a car. I can literally pack everything I own into a few bags. On top of, Read More

Nusa Penida - Kelingking Beach (10)

Get on a scooter and go. No GPS. No map. Only an island to explore the old-fashioned way: by intuition and gut and the occasional road sign. Sure, the way is bumpy at times and more than once you get turned around or make a wrong turn and yeah, a tour guide would have, Read More

Maldives (21)

  Truth reveals itself in layers, not all at once because that would be too much to bear. And when it finally hits you, it is complete, leaving doubts as immaterial. Regret is something we carry, not as a weight but a reminder. So that when the times comes we may get it right, Read More

Petra (10)

The best part of vacation is losing track of which day it is. Having no plans. Doing whatever you want when the moment arises. The future coming at you in one-second increments. Time doesn’t exist. Only life does. That’s true freedom. We take pictures to capture these fleeting feelings so that later they can, Read More

Dead Sea (8)

Shedding old skin can be hard. All births are painful and messy. The new, in its excitement at being born, tears and rips and cares less for what came before, while the old holds tight, clinging to familiar ground. Dylan said it best: he not busy being born is busy dying. I often find, Read More

Singapore (20)

With a little over 24 hours in Singapore, I had only one goal in mind: follow in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain and try some of the same culinary dishes from his show Parts Unknown—a trip I had planned months before his death. His untimely passing shook me for strictly selfish reasons. I was, Read More