The best part of vacation is losing track of which day it is. Having no plans. Doing whatever you want when the moment arises. The future coming at you in one-second increments. Time doesn’t exist. Only life does. That’s true freedom. We take pictures to capture these fleeting feelings so that later they can, Read More

Shedding old skin can be hard. All births are painful and messy. The new, in its excitement at being born, tears and rips and cares less for what came before, while the old holds tight, clinging to familiar ground. Dylan said it best: he not busy being born is busy dying. I often find, Read More

With a little over 24 hours in Singapore, I had only one goal in mind: follow in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain and try some of the same culinary dishes from his show Parts Unknown—a trip I had planned months before his death. His untimely passing shook me for strictly selfish reasons. I was, Read More

Sometimes you have to venture and see yourself with the stars regardless of gravity or the obstacles along the way or whether or not you’ll ever get there because it’s not the getting there that counts, but rather the being there, in the moment along the way. The journey has all the plot points, Read More

Earlier this year, I quit one of the most toxic work environments I have ever experienced and I can tell you firsthand, there’s nothing more liberating than walking away from something that no longer brings a sense of meaning or joy to your life. When you stop going through the motions, you start becoming, Read More

There is something about the unknown that is both thrilling and terrifying. As a child, I longed for the familiarity of home, and dreaded change, that great disrupter. Slight changes—new scenery, staying the night at a friend’s house, or an impromptu adventure—were always welcome, but lasting change, one hinting at forever or no turning, Read More

Instead of age, I have a new way of measuring my time on this earth. Countries visited. In that regard, I turned one with Canada. Started Kindergarten with Australia. Entered double digits with the U.K. Began my teens with South Africa. Reached legal driving age with Greece. Became a voting citizen with Spain. Closed, Read More

Be here now, you can be there later. The future will always replace you so be present while it lasts. I know it’s tough. You can’t always be here. You can’t always be present. We live in a complex world of a billion distractions, all pointing elsewhere. All pointing to the other side, where, Read More

If life throws you lemons, don’t settle for lemonade. Be creative. Make something fresh, new, and exciting. Something that’s distinctly you. Who cares if it’s weird or different or not liked by everyone else. That’s not the point. The point is to not give two fucks. Because what makes you weird and different and, Read More

What I like most about traveling is that it reminds me just how little I know about the world. You can read about something in a book, but experiencing it in the flesh adds a whole new color and dimension.  One that makes you feel both in sync and out of place, lost and, Read More