Come from Away

My first theater experience was, in a word, incredible. Come from Away is one of those entertaining shows that pulls no punch and hits on all emotional levels, mixing sadness and joy so effortlessly that you can’t tell if your tears are from laughing or crying. For those of you not familiar, Come from Away tells the true story of how during the events of 9/11, thirty-eight planes were grounded in Newfoundland, Canada, where for a five-day period, the entire town of Gander opened up their arms and homes, providing food, shelter, clothes, and entertainment for thousands of strangers stranded during one of the world’s most tragic and uncertain times. It is a story of hope and kindness, showing the beauty that unfolds when people come together.

My first reaction, no way could that happen in the States, especially in today’s political climate. My fellow Americans would never show such open and unselfish kindness to complete strangers. But then again, people surprise you. Sometimes we all just need a reminder of our capacity for good. Come from Away did just that for me. Proving that even during the worst of times there is still potential for our best. We just have to be willing to give it.


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