All Seasons

Suitcase. Backpack. Laptop bag. That’s it. Three bags, in them goes everything I’ll need for a year, covering all seasons. As a minimalist, I find comfort in having my things broken down to simple necessity. Here’s a breakdown.

Clothes: Two pairs of shoes (running/all-purpose &Vans). Flip flops. Jacket. Hoodie. Gloves. Winter hat. Scarf. Six pairs of shorts (two casual, two running, one hiking, swimsuit). Six pairs of pants (black, khaki, gray, two pairs of jeans, pajama bottoms). Twenty + shirts (short, long, collar, button-up, etc.) Dozen pair of socks and underwear each. Belt.

Accessories: Phone. Laptop. Mouse. Kindle Fire. USB stick. Headphones. Various charging cords. HDMI cable. Umbrella. External hard-drive. Portable charger. External speaker. Headlamp. Spare batteries. Electrical converters. Two notebooks. Pens. Sewing kit. Small backpack. Toiletry bag. Electric shaver. Razor and spare blades. Medicine. Toothbrush (plus spare). Toothpaste. Floss. Shampoo & Conditioner. Body Wash. Lotion. Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Towel. Spare pair of glasses. Box of contacts. Reusable bags. Book to read. Water bottle. Snacks.

Coming up next . . . Iceland


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