Time Travel

If you want to time travel, go to Italy where the past stares back at you pretty much everywhere. You can read about history in a book, but nothing beats seeing it firsthand, in person. Pompeii, a living, breathing museum where you can walk the cobbled steps between crumbling ruins and stare up at Mt. Vesuvius (snow-capped this time of year) and try to imagine what it was like on that fateful day, to see the world as you know it explode.

Further south, the Amalfi Coast. Most people see the famous coastline by car or bus, but there is another way. The Path of the Gods, a 4-mile cliffside hike. We took the hard route, climbing about 1500 steep steps. The breathtaking view at the top worth every painful step.

Amalfi Coast (19) Amalfi Coast (27)


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