Ottawa is the girl at the dance you don’t notice right away, but end up marrying. Unlike a large metropolitan area where a person can spend a lifetime and still not come close to seeing everything, it only takes a day to see all the sights. It’s simple, elegantly designed, and a place where, Read More

My great grandfather, Russell C. Pryor, passed away. At the age of 98 (a month and a half shy of turning 99), he lived through events I only learned about in history; having been born during the First World War, growing up during the Great Depression, and fighting in World War II. In my, Read More

As a wanderer by trade, I’m drawn to both natural and urban landscapes. Whenever I go someplace new I am overwhelmed by an urge to see everything. I can’t sit still. I can’t relax. I need to move. I need to explore. I need to let my senses roam free and take in all, Read More

A close friend knows what’s in your heart and sympathizes with what goes on in your head. Like you, they are passengers of the abyss. They don’t judge, worry, or criticize. They simply listen and say the four most important words a person can say. You are not alone. We all suffer. We all, Read More

  Perception and how we view the world is everything. A roomful of strangers can be competition or they can be a community. An ex can be just an ex or a former friend. Our mistakes can be failures or lessons. A relationship can be serious or meaningful. Hours invested can be seen as, Read More

Every once in a while, a piece of art reaches out and gets a hold of you and doesn’t let go. Like somebody has slipped beneath the veil and spoken directly to your heart, as if this one moment was waiting all along just for you to realize. That’s what good art does. It, Read More

It’s not every day that you see Superman. But that’s what happens when you go for a walk. Anything can happen. Randomness just around a corner. Adventure only a footstep away. The best way to move is without direction. Mark Twain might have said that. Maybe not. Either way, you know he was thinking, Read More