My favorite countries are the ones I didn’t plan on visiting. That I didn’t see coming. That took me by surprise. Sometimes, life’s greatest beauties are the ones that sneak up on you. That were always there, but needed the right circumstances or little nudge to get your heart’s attention. They are everywhere, waiting, Read More

Home used to be a place to avoid. Now, it’s a place to return. For the longest time I thought why waste money on a plane ticket to somewhere I’ve spent most my life when I could go somewhere new and fascinating. The thing with getting older, it changes you. You spend your earlier, Read More

People often ask how I afford my lifestyle. It’s not a matter of affording, but rather prioritizing. What works for me is that I’m a minimalist. I don’t own anything. No property. No house. No furniture. Not even a car. I can literally pack everything I own into a few bags. On top of, Read More