We see things in black and white, winning and losing. But there’s a third option most don’t consider. Walking away, leaving the game unfinished, and starting over. There’s no losing in giving up the fight or finding a new beginning. Only peace and serenity. Sometimes, hitting reset and returning back to zero, life’s humbling, Read More

When you write something down, you own it. You give it life. It exists. Resides in the real world, no longer the imaginary. Moments come at you and you need to have your net ready to capture them. Your mind free to sense them. Your heart open to feel them. Your hands steady to, Read More

Vacation for me comes in two forms: relaxation and exploration. Exploration is thrilling. The right amount of buzz, not too high not too low, putting the world at ease. Your eyes view everything with childlike wonder. It leaves you full, but also exhausted. Relaxation is calming. Like having a good book or two and, Read More