I sing a song just for you
My Allison comes in bloom
How could I ever compare to you?
Like a dream to be awakened

Flowers grow in your hair
They soak the sun and calm the rain
To the depths of pouring gray
A shade of green in a long December

Sparkled white in red lipstick
Your smile spreads like a butterfly
Taking steps and blown away
Clouds of footprints across the sky

The ocean blue swims in your eyes
Forever drawn upon your face
Shining rivers and beautiful lakes
Painted like the weather

Softly spoken like a bird in flight
Flying home beneath the starry night
If love was as opposite as black and white
Then I’d be wrong to make you right

Like a pen worn upon a page
Ink-dipped darkness radiates
Words written in a fog of blue
The only light I see is you



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