Thailand (224)

The next morning, I was ready to leave the craziness of the city and find some paradise. In less than forty-eight hours I was back at the airport, taking a one-way flight to Phuket, the largest island in Thailand. With no set destination, my only goal to find a beach in the middle of, Read More

Thailand (68)

Tuk-tuk. Lady boy. Massage. Just a few of the many words running rampant in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok, a place with its own unique Asian flavor. I arrived in Thailand at four in the morning after a long and tiring layover in Shanghai, China. From the airport, it was a thirty-minute taxi ride, Read More

Waygooks (59)

An Afrikaanos Kind of Year A place doesn’t feel like home until you find a group of friends who you consider part of your extended family. No matter where you go in the world, it’s the people, not the place that shapes the experience. With sixty professors in a small, tight-knit community, it was, Read More

Jagalchi (25)

The Good, The Bad, The Korean “Do you remember that scene in Lost in Translation?” “Which one?” I asked. “The one where Bill Murray is sitting with his translator and the director of the commercial and the director is going on some rant in Japanese that Bill can’t understand. This goes on for a, Read More

Photo Shoot (25)

They Call Me Jeb Teacher I had been granted the title of professor, but in truth I was just a teaching mercenary, going wherever the money took me. But that was Korea, a place where millions of dollars spent and hundreds of hours in the classroom didn’t translate into a country of fluent English, Read More

Cherry Blossoms (18)

Beautiful Gyeongju After less than three months in the country, all of my belongings were once again packed into bags and I was off to a new beginning. This beginning would be my true beginning in Korea, the start of the year I would later reminisce. I left Pohang on a Monday. The 45-minute, Read More

Seoul (65)

Doctor Feel Good to the Rescue There’s nothing like losing your job to start the New Year, but I didn’t waste any time feeling sorry for myself and quickly contacted some local friends to see if they knew of any job openings. Despite her tears and sincere promise to help me find new employment,, Read More


The Times They Are a Change-ie Christmas Eve fell on a Friday and since it wasn’t a nationally-recognized Korean holiday, I spent it working. Signs of Christmas were found everywhere in Pohang despite Korea being a mostly Buddhist country. There were Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, and the most popular, Christmas lights. As a country, Read More


A Waygook in the Making Getting to know a country is a lot like getting to know a person. It takes effort, will, inquiry, empathy, and determination. You have to get past the “hello, how are you” and basic formalities to delve deeper into the culture and relate to it on a more intimate, Read More


  Getting Acclimated My first few weeks in Korea were spent settling in, both at work and at my apartment. It took me a day or two to unpack, reorganize the furniture to my liking, hang up pictures from home, and learn to adjust the heater, though never quite mastering it. My apartment came, Read More