Traverse City (42)

There is no better place to be in the summertime than northern Michigan (not to be confused with Michigan’s rugged and secluded Upper Peninsula) and more specifically, Traverse City. Located on the western tip—the peninsula on a peninsula—of Michigan’s mitten, TC has all the essential ingredients for a summer getaway. Big-city restaurants and shopping, Read More


The next morning, it’s another slow meandering drive down the dirt road back to civilization. Before entering Calumet, “Copper Town USA,” population 726, and its sister city of Laurium, population 1,977, I stop at Lakeview Cemetery. My great grandfather on my mother’s side—about to turn 98—grew up in the area. With a list of, Read More


The next day I pack up camp and continue west, following the coast of Lake Superior for most of the way and passing the town of Christmas, population 1,138, with fake, plastic Santa’s galore. I arrive midmorning in Marquette, population 21,355, the U.P.’s most populated city and home to Northern Michigan University. I had, Read More


You can tell you’re in the Upper Peninsula if you find yourself at a gas station and the cream for coffee is placed in the fridge next to the containers of worms or if the sign at the beach says “no burning pallets or tires” or if there’s a vending machine for live bait, Read More

Ausable River (8)

Some of life’s greatest treasures are often in our backyard, going unnoticed, without us even realizing they’re there. That’s just the way it goes. Most of our time is spent looking off in the distance, not around us. But if we look close enough, we’ll find that beauty is all around us, just waiting, Read More


I Slow Roll because sometimes the only way to see a city is to get out of the comforts of your car and explore streets you normally wouldn’t venture down. Where people wave and cheer at your arrival. Where porches are filled with smiling faces. Where cups are raised in your honor. Where the, Read More


For the last ten years, I’ve traveled and lived in a number of different places. From Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado, and abroad from South Korea to Saudi Arabia, I’ve been a compass with many directions, but now, in my mid-thirties, I have but one direction: home.