Any Other Way

Sometimes you have to venture and see yourself with the stars regardless of gravity or the obstacles along the way or whether or not you’ll ever get there because it’s not the getting there that counts, but rather the being there, in the moment along the way. The journey has all the plot points and action, but it is the lull—those moments of stillness and unexpected silences—where most of life’s intricacies are revealed and we find that most sought after inner peace.

I am often torn between the stillness of the present and the thrill of movement, but when there is no going and only being, it’s easy to take in the endless barrage of motions swirling around me and to be content with having no other place to be. It is in these quiet moments that I feel somewhat invincible, while at other times I feel that at any given moment I could shatter and splinter into a gazillion pieces. Life both moves and destroys me. Inspires and frightens. Uplifts and flattens. Exalts and humbles. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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