Long-Distance Relationship with Ourselves

Earlier this year, I quit one of the most toxic work environments I have ever experienced and I can tell you firsthand, there’s nothing more liberating than walking away from something that no longer brings a sense of meaning or joy to your life. When you stop going through the motions, you start becoming the motion. Your life picks up speed, builds momentum.

Often, we have a long-distance relationship with ourselves and the only way to bring us back to our true inner selves is to disturb the universe and listen to that voice that screams for you to quit that passionless job, leave that unfulfilling partner, and risk everything for the sake of feeling alive again.

True freedom is living your personal truth. Doing the path that is right, not the one that’s convenient. We tend to forget we are in control of our own lives and come up with a thousand different excuses to hold ourselves back. The timing isn’t right. Don’t have the money. What if I fail? Well, what if you don’t? If you’re a lion, then be a lion and roar.


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