Grass Is Always Just Grass

Be here now, you can be there later. The future will always replace you so be present while it lasts. I know it’s tough. You can’t always be here. You can’t always be present. We live in a complex world of a billion distractions, all pointing elsewhere. All pointing to the other side, where the grass is supposedly greener, instead of here, instead of now.

The other side is so enticing, such a pleasant escape, but as soon as you get there, there is only another and another and another and another. The other side goes on forever. It’s a never-ending facade; infinity masquerading as finite. The other side sees grass in a million shades of green. Don’t buy into it. Grass is always just grass no matter the color. When tempted by the other side, come back to here and look around. I’m sure you’ll find plenty.



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