Start of my Day


When my eyes crack open the door
Of sleep’s nocturnal slumbering house
To the wide open yard of reality
I look at the blank place where you should be laying
And wonder where you are in this moment
Or in your thoughts as you lay awake
Telepathically touching and longing each other
Yet caught in the span of empty bed spaces


I stare into your invisible beauty
Wearing a natural face, no make-up needed
Caught in the plainness of tired waking
Yet made beautiful by the breaking of your smile
No sunrise can touch the parting of your lips
No light as bright as the whiteness of your teeth
In this moment I am truly awake
For dreams are just distractions
My first thoughts are of you
If I am part of your dreams
And never want to sleep again
Keeping me away from you


As my stomach rumbles I think of breakfast
The meal I would make and share with you
Eggs and bacon, toast and orange juice
Served on trays brought forth to you
And eaten in bed between two smiling faces
I lay awake with these thoughts
Part of me wanting to return to dreams
Where in them we are together
And start another day without you
Then I slowly get out of bed



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