Dirt Road


I remember as a child watching
Bulldozers chew up our dirt road
Spitting up gravel and rocks
Into places I never been
The ditch sacred as a graveyard
Became a battlefield of mud
I stood in the silence of my window
Listening as motors crackled like fire


Men with chainsaws ate through wood
Childhood trees were chopped to dust
A reminder of my misery
An open sky where once was shade
I remember hating those men
Whose machines of progress
Ripped through our yard
And took away my dreams of fairness


I threw rocks at the parked tanks
And expressing my frustration
But every stone bounced back
Cursing their existence
To lay at my feet
Only dents in Goliath
They could not slay the beast
A part of me grew up then


Years later I felt the pin prick of irony
For my summers retired from college
Were employed by the Road Commission
Serving those who brought me woe
Have served me now in paying bills
While off in the distance was the dirt road
My childhood could not save
I was older then, not quite as young


The child in me gone
I had changed like the road
Progress paved me anyway
Once coarse with a fiery determined youth
As I stood with what I use to fight
I realized the twists and turns
Encountered in this life
Had a way of turning back


My mind still walks on that old dirt road
It carries a part of me left behind
The dusty, muddy youth before the fall
The washboard bumps of long ago
With years ahead and miles alone
The road was rough, but it’s smoother now
Have settled into me now
Paved into the distance



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