Along the Lines of Infinity


Out of all of the billions of people that occupy this Earth

It only takes but one to make us feel all alone….

Like a child confined to the body of an adult….

Abandoned when all we wish is to be carried….

Empty like a desert filled with sand….

Just a stranger along the lines of infinity


To think amidst the millions are those….

Who think they are in love, but have never been in love

Who have seen the world, but not experienced it

Who have travelled, but never wandered

Who have dreamed, but never lived

Who have swam in the ocean, but not willingly

Who have climbed a mountain….

Only to be concerned with the way down

Who have witnessed children at play….

Yet never partook in play themselves


The world is full of doubt and regret….

Of fires that burned, but never glowed

Of intellectuals that thought, but never dared

Of moments dreamt, but never ceased

Of areas of gray dulled, but never colored

Of strangers kept at a distance, but never welcomed


If all of life is but the space

That comes between a birth and a death

Then let the opposite of what we fear

Be all that we are allowed to be

So that out of our sorrow there be only happiness

Out of our pain there be only a promise

That tomorrow will better the worse of today

That time will lessen all that destroys us

That all behind us is a step in front of us

Carrying us not towards an end, but more living




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